Eurobricks: EB-Thread

Cotton Plantation In Nova TerreliecosmallElostiriondetails
Smuggler's Covefreebuild-Kai NRGdetails
FIrst Commandfreebuild-Capt Wolfdetails
The Annual Fontonajo Dinnerfreebuild-Elostiriondetails
Grist Mill In Nova TerreliecosmallCapt Wolfdetails
And So They First Met...challenge-Elostiriondetails
Victor Servadac Of The White Glove Orderchar-Sir Stigdetails
The First Mate And The Wenchfreebuild-Capt Wolfdetails
The Iron Twins : A Profitable Weddingchar-Sir Irondetails
CornfieldecosmallKai NRGdetails
Another Day, Another Doubloon...freebuild-Stash2Sixxdetails
Small House, BardoecosmallSir Stigdetails
Ironia Home Of The Iron Familyfreebuild-Sir Irondetails
Intro, Free Build - Tubenchar-Tubendetails
Blue Beadschallenge-Kai NRGdetails
A Small Residence And The Life Of A Sailor’s WifeecosmallCapt Wolfdetails
The Weave Of Fate, BardoecomediumSir Stigdetails
The Bright Owlship-Sir Stigdetails
The Pelicanship-Tubendetails
The Aurei Lacertaship-Umbra-Manisdetails
Good Neighborhood, BardoecosmallSir Stigdetails
The Fontonajo Gardens In Nova TerreliecosmallElostiriondetails
Small House In Weelondfreebuild-Kai NRGdetails
Wilfredo's Wagons - Bardofreebuild-Umbra-Manisdetails
The Golden Snakeship-Kai NRGdetails
The Swordsmanfreebuild-Aventadordetails
MCTC Warehouse In WeelondecosmallCapt Wolfdetails
The Sea Awaitsfreebuild-Aventadordetails
About Stones, Ores And Berrieschallenge-Elostiriondetails
Joan's Raft On The Terreli Rivership-Elostiriondetails
Riverport ResidenceecosmallElostiriondetails
The Fontonajo Commerce- & WarehouseecosmallElostiriondetails
The Holder's Secret In The Nova Terreli Dockyardship-Elostiriondetails
The Holder's Secret In The Nova Terreli DockyardecomediumElostiriondetails
The Pearldiving Troubleship-Elostiriondetails
4Profit, Part Three - Arriving In Nova Terrelimcra-Elostiriondetails
A Matter Of Mayor Concernfreebuild-Elostiriondetails
New World Musicchallenge-Elostiriondetails
The Cotton Ladyship-Elostiriondetails
Science or Nonsense?freebuild-Kai NRGdetails
Log CabinecosmallKai NRGdetails
Islander Buisnessfreebuild-Kai NRGdetails
To Hang or Not to Hang?freebuild-Kai NRGdetails
Cotton in WeelondecolargeKai NRGdetails
Miscalculatedfreebuild-Kai NRGdetails
4Profit, Part Two - Pirate Attackmcra-Kai NRGdetails
Dedicated, Professional Soldierychallenge-Phadeoutdetails
The Gun(S) Of Ferro Azurechallenge-Capt Wolfdetails
Why Did You Burn It?!challenge-Elostiriondetails
The Smugglers Almost Get Throughchallenge-Capt Wolfdetails
Surgeons Office, BardoecosmallSir Stigdetails
Forgotten History (Part 1) - Birth Of Bardochallenge-Sir Stigdetails
Dock StorageecosmallSir Stigdetails
Forgotten History (Part 2) - Paradise Won, But At A Costchallenge-Sir Stigdetails
Town Hall BardoecomediumSir Stigdetails
City Gate BardoecosmallSir Stigdetails
Orbinson Crux and Mercredichallenge-Sir Stigdetails
Into the Wildchallenge-Sir Stigdetails
No One Writes To The Colonel, Weelond ESL WGO MCTC WeelondecosmallSir Stigdetails
Just Some Quiet Fishingfreebuild-Umbra-Manisdetails
The Amazing Amadeus And His One-Man BandchallengenoneCapt Wolfdetails
Voice Of An AngelchallengenonePhadeoutdetails
An Unusual InstrumentchallengenoneUmbra-Manisdetails
Small Home And Cordwainer’s ShopfreebuildnoneCapt Wolfdetails
Weelond Brewing CompanyfreebuildnoneCapt Wolfdetails
Collecting The PaymcranoneSir Stigdetails
Friday Night in The Drunken AngelfreebuildsmallPhadeoutdetails
The GorrionshipnoneSir Irondetails
Cotton Plantation On An HolliecomediumCapt Wolfdetails
Heart Of EslandiashipnoneCapt Wolfdetails
The De La Calle DeparturefreebuildnonePhadeoutdetails
Roldolfo\'s, Nova TerreliecosmallPhadeoutdetails
Cotton For Salida EsteecosmallUmbra-Manisdetails
Living His DreamsecosmallUmbra-Manisdetails
There\'s Gold in These WatersmcranoneUmbra-Manisdetails
The Demon That Haunts L\'OlliuschallengenoneUmbra-Manisdetails
ESL-COR Duel: Yes, The Actual Duel Is Finally Here!charnoneCapt Wolfdetails
Guy\'s New HousefreebuildnoneKai NRGdetails
A Young Lawyer Moves To The IslandsecosmallCapt Wolfdetails
Market DayecomediumKai NRGdetails
Opening The North FortyecolargeCapt Wolfdetails
Meanwhile, In The De La Calle Estate, TerellifreebuildnonePhadeoutdetails
4Profit, Part One - Leaving TerellimcranonePhadeoutdetails
Path Of The Single CutecomediumPhadeoutdetails
Alejandro\'s Office, Nova TerelliecosmallPhadeoutdetails
Prelude To A Duel: Practice Makes PerfectcharnoneCapt Wolfdetails
Church BardofreebuildnoneSir Stigdetails
Hurricane Vs Sloop: Hurricane WinsmcranoneCapt Wolfdetails
Class 2A Lady’s RevengeshipnoneCapt Wolfdetails
Bloody Bill Takes The Heart Of EslandiamcranoneCapt Wolfdetails
Freemarket, Nova TerelliecomediumPhadeoutdetails
Small VillaecosmallStash2Sixxdetails
Chapel De San TerreliecosmallCapt Wolfdetails
Detective\'s OfficeecosmallKai NRGdetails
The Nova Terreli River PortecolargeElostiriondetails
Red Top Rum DistilleryecosmallPhadeoutdetails
The False ArtistecosmallKai NRGdetails
Strada Iniesta, Small ResidenceecosmallElostiriondetails
Strada Iniesta, Taberna CaldoecomediumElostiriondetails
Strada Iniesta, Merchant\'s ResidenceecosmallElostiriondetails
The Fall Of Alejandro De La CallefreebuildnonePhadeoutdetails
A Simple Fishing RaftfreebuildnoneUmbra-Manisdetails
The School Stage - Salida EsteecosmallUmbra-Manisdetails
Expanding the DefensesfreebuildsmallUmbra-Manisdetails
A Schoolhouse For Salida EsteecosmallUmbra-Manisdetails
Salida Este Ship RegistryecosmallUmbra-Manisdetails
The Golden CrescentshipnoneUmbra-Manisdetails