Nation: Sea Rats
Builds: 106

tbd: Flag etc.

tbd: List of TCs
Intro: Hand Over Ye Bootychar-details
The White Skullship-details
House Of Pleasure In Bastionecosmalldetails
A Mysterious Chest, Floating In The Sea...freebuild-details
Captain Rodsh Found Landchallenge-details
Recruiting At Marco'sfreebuild-details
The Dogged Wenchship-details
The Father And The Son....freebuildsmalldetails
Moonraker Sail Company, Bastionfreebuildsmalldetails
A Native Canoechallenge-details
A Wonderful Machine!freebuildsmalldetails
Le Dindonship-details
Falling Out With Foxxfreebuild-details
Cantu's Fort In Rassilonfreebuild-details
Casualties Of The Storm...challenge-details
Arrival At Bastionfreebuild-details
Breaking Outchar-details
Freddy's Trained Chickensfreebuild-details
The Vipership-details
The Wave Of Knowledgeship-details
No One Expects The Olean Inquisition....challenge-details
The Parakeetship-details
Fantasy Islandchallenge-details
A Planning Sessionfreebuild-details
Bloody White Crowship-details
Haven Common Houseecomediumdetails
Fort Crimsonecosmalldetails
Drave's Emporium of Curiositiesecosmalldetails
Diving for Treasurefreebuild-details
The Incognitochallenge-details
Victory Is Short Livedchallenge-details
Logs, Sand, And Weapons!challenge-details
Danger On The High Seas!challenge-details
Running Guns To Rassilon...challenge-details
When The Captain’s Away….challenge-details
Hidden Batterychallenge-details
Hanging Pirate Bandchallengenonedetails
The Bastion Otchetecosmalldetails
Far Horizons Salvage And Shipworksecolargedetails
Leaving Granoleon...mcranonedetails
A Beacon In The Night.....freebuildnonedetails
The Shanty By The Seaecosmalldetails
Revenge On Mardierfreebuildnonedetails
Fate Of The Dogged Wenchmcranonedetails
Cannon Factoryfreebuildnonedetails
Steal My Shipfreebuildnonedetails
The Shrines of Havenfreebuildnonedetails
The Donatusshipnonedetails
Dancing With Myselffreebuildnonedetails
Absolutely Fabulousshipnonedetails
The Prophecyfreebuildnonedetails
POSEIDON’S WRATHshipnonedetails
Jail Break!mcranonedetails
Cantu\'s Houseecosmalldetails
Even A Pirate Has A Sweet Tooth Rassilon Sea Rats Plantation BoBSecosmalldetails
Night\'s Goldshipnonedetails
Wight Spidershipnonedetails
An Old Traditionfreebuildnonedetails
The Red Dragonshipnonedetails
The Novitiusshipnonedetails
Heldenberg Bakery And Supplyecosmalldetails
Dugay\'s Hutecosmalldetails
Nothing To See Herefreebuildnonedetails
Gun Shopfreebuildnonedetails
White Skull Saves Le Dindonmcranonedetails
Great Scottshipnonedetails
Whale Of A Talefreebuildnonedetails
Will Of The Godsmcranonedetails
Coming Out The Other Sidefreebuildnonedetails
Meeting The Localsfreebuildnonedetails
Athena’s Graceshipnonedetails
Wood Worker\'s Cottageecosmalldetails
La Oleon Class 3Ashipnonedetails
Captain\'s Cabinmcranonedetails
Tropical Fruit Decisionecosmalldetails
A Powerful Friend....freebuildnonedetails
Outside Of Belson......mcranonedetails
Whale Oil Factoryecosmalldetails
Weed Plantationecosmalldetails
Easy Come Easy Gomcranonedetails
Letter From Eslandolafreebuildnonedetails
Milton\'s Auction Houseecosmalldetails
The True Tale Of The Sacking Of Tarlomcranonedetails
New Beginningsfreebuildsmalldetails
The Mirthless Jestshipnonedetails
Charlatan Bay Tailorecomediumdetails
The Other True Tale Of The Sacking Of Tarlomcranonedetails
The Life And Death Of Captain Morgancharnonedetails
The Warbringershipnonedetails
The First Settlers Of Moray\'s Denecosmalldetails
The Devil\'s Fruitsecosmalldetails
Tzomo\'s Promotion To Captain....shipnonedetails
An Interesting Day In Granoleon....mcranonedetails
The Dainty Sload Bar And Grillecomediumdetails
Lumber Campecomediumdetails
Freddy\'s Big Haulmcranonedetails
The Golden Dragonshipnonedetails
Maiden of the Deepshipnonedetails
Hello Friendsmcranonedetails
Bleak Angelshipnonedetails