Nation: Eslandola
Builds: 211

tbd: Flag etc.

tbd: List of TCs
Castillo De Nova Terreliecoroyaldetails
Cotton Plantation In Nova Terreliecosmalldetails
Our House ... In The Middle Of Pontellifreebuildsmalldetails
Eslandola's Diamond Coastfreebuild-details
Derr Merchants Warehouseecosmalldetails
A Fruitfull Reconfreebuild-details
Story About A Forgotten Fruit...ecosmalldetails
The History, Faith, And Present Of Dearji (And Others)char-details
Smuggler's Covefreebuild-details
MAESTRO Swordsmith Somewhere In Nelissaecosmalldetails
FIrst Commandfreebuild-details
Dinner With The Kingfreebuild-details
Elysabeth Of Drondilchar-details
MAESTRO: Warehouseecosmalldetails
A Special Meetingfreebuild-details
The Annual Fontonajo Dinnerfreebuild-details
Brave New Worldchallenge-details
A First Marriagefreebuild-details
Making The Grey One Redchallenge-details
The King's Studyfreebuild-details
Landing On Berellichallenge-details
Grist Mill In Nova Terreliecosmalldetails
MAESTRO Headquartersfreebuild-details
Navigating The Docksfreebuild-details
And So They First Met...challenge-details
The Knight Of Stedorship-details
For The King!challenge-details
Protecting Eslandolachallenge-details
Victor Servadac Of The White Glove Orderchar-details
Ruins In The Junglechallenge-details
A Juicy Meetingchallenge-details
Fort Elysabeth (Small)freebuild-details
The Iron Twins : A Profitable Weddingchar-details
An ETWC Oat Plantationecosmalldetails
Maybe We Can Trade With'em?challenge-details
The Ship Broker of Elysabethtownecosmalldetails
Small House, Bardoecosmalldetails
Ironia Home Of The Iron Familyfreebuild-details
Intro, Free Build - Tubenchar-details
Blue Beadschallenge-details
Crab Fishingchallenge-details
Preparations Of Fortificationschallenge-details
A Small Residence And The Life Of A Sailor’s Wifeecosmalldetails
Duel: Elysabeth Of Drondil's Partduel-details
The Stubborn Sternship-details
La Defensorachallenge-details
La Defensoraship-details
The Weave Of Fate, Bardoecomediumdetails
Coastal Cutter "El Pato Moreno"ship-details
Apple Trees Orchard Near Elysabethtown, Berelliecosmalldetails
The Bright Owlship-details
The Pelicanship-details
The "Appleseed"ship-details
The Aurei Lacertaship-details
Good Neighborhood, Bardoecosmalldetails
The Fontonajo Gardens In Nova Terreliecosmalldetails
Small House In Weelondfreebuild-details
Wilfredo's Wagons - Bardofreebuild-details
The Golden Snakeship-details
The Swordsmanfreebuild-details
MCTC Warehouse In Weelondecosmalldetails
The Sea Awaitsfreebuild-details
About Stones, Ores And Berrieschallenge-details
Joan's Raft On The Terreli Rivership-details
Riverport Residenceecosmalldetails
The Fontonajo Commerce- & Warehouseecosmalldetails
The Holder's Secret In The Nova Terreli Dockyardship-details
The Holder's Secret In The Nova Terreli Dockyardecomediumdetails
The Pearldiving Troubleship-details
4Profit, Part Three - Arriving In Nova Terrelimcra-details
A Matter Of Mayor Concernfreebuild-details
New World Musicchallenge-details
The Cotton Ladyship-details
Ballad Blastin' Bardo Beachchallenge-details
Bardo's Lonely Hearts Club Bandchallenge-details
Science or Nonsense?freebuild-details
Log Cabinecosmalldetails
Islander Buisnessfreebuild-details
To Hang or Not to Hang?freebuild-details
Cotton in Weelondecolargedetails
4Profit, Part Two - Pirate Attackmcra-details
Battle Of Nelissachallenge-details
Dedicated, Professional Soldierychallenge-details
Fortify The Fortifications Of The Fortchallenge-details
Saved By The Horses...challenge-details
Fort Severuschallenge-details
Sending Oleon Soldiers Back To The Mother Countrychallenge-details
The Gun(S) Of Ferro Azurechallenge-details
Why Did You Burn It?!challenge-details
The Smugglers Almost Get Throughchallenge-details
Surgeons Office, Bardoecosmalldetails
Forgotten History (Part 1) - Birth Of Bardochallenge-details
Dock Storageecosmalldetails
Forgotten History (Part 2) - Paradise Won, But At A Costchallenge-details
Town Hall Bardoecomediumdetails
City Gate Bardoecosmalldetails
Orbinson Crux and Mercredichallenge-details
Into the Wildchallenge-details
No One Writes To The Colonel, Weelond ESL WGO MCTC Weelondecosmalldetails
Fort Vikingchallenge-details
The Cooper of Nova Terreliecomediumdetails
Just Some Quiet Fishingfreebuild-details
Is Gold An Instrument?challengenonedetails
The Amazing Amadeus And His One-Man Bandchallengenonedetails
Voice Of An Angelchallengenonedetails
Bar Musicchallengenonedetails
An Unusual Instrumentchallengenonedetails
Little Shop Of Fishfreebuildnonedetails
The Mine Is Mineecononedetails
Small Home And Cordwainer’s Shopfreebuildnonedetails
Weelond Brewing Companyfreebuildnonedetails
Diplomatic Meetingfreebuildnonedetails
Bananas For Peaceecosmalldetails
La Raenetteshipnonedetails
This Ole Housefreebuildnonedetails
Escape At Holdersmcranonedetails
Woodworker's Shopfreebuildnonedetails
Amelia Street Bakeryfreebuildnonedetails
New Beginningsfreebuildnonedetails
Resistance Is Not Futilefreebuildnonedetails
Collecting The Paymcranonedetails
An Onfortunate Victorycharnonedetails
The Healer Of Elysabethtownfreebuildnonedetails
Friday Night in The Drunken Angelfreebuildsmalldetails
The Gorrionshipnonedetails
Cotton Plantation On An Holliecomediumdetails
The "Wringe I"shipnonedetails
The "War Dwarf"shipnonedetails
Heart Of Eslandiashipnonedetails
The Ambassyfreebuildnonedetails
Purple Rainshipnonedetails
La Transferatashipnonedetails
The De La Calle Departurefreebuildnonedetails
Roldolfo\'s, Nova Terreliecosmalldetails
Cotton For Salida Esteecosmalldetails
Living His Dreamsecosmalldetails
There\'s Gold in These Watersmcranonedetails
The Demon That Haunts L\'Olliuschallengenonedetails
ESL-COR Duel: Yes, The Actual Duel Is Finally Here!charnonedetails
Port Of Terrelifreebuildnonedetails
The Capture Of The Wringe Imcranonedetails
The Auctiondockfreebuildnonedetails
Winds Beauty (3T2)shipnonedetails
A Fruitfull Visitfreebuildnonedetails
Department Of Science, Elysabethtownfreebuildnonedetails
Robert McEvanfreebuildnonedetails
Guy\'s New Housefreebuildnonedetails
A Young Lawyer Moves To The Islandsecosmalldetails
Market Dayecomediumdetails
The Ropemaker Of Nova Terreliecosmalldetails
Opening The North Fortyecolargedetails
Please Don\'t Take It Apartecosmalldetails
Little Shop Of Parrotsecosmalldetails
Banana Shopecosmalldetails
Apples For Belsonmcranonedetails
La Espadashipnonedetails
Visiting A Friendfreebuildnonedetails
Meanwhile, In The De La Calle Estate, Terellifreebuildnonedetails
4Profit, Part One - Leaving Terellimcranonedetails
Path Of The Single Cutecomediumdetails
Alejandro\'s Office, Nova Terelliecosmalldetails
Fields Of Goldecosmalldetails
Prelude To A Duel: Practice Makes Perfectcharnonedetails
A Purchase From A Veteranfreebuildnonedetails
Church Bardofreebuildnonedetails
Turned Back To Port....mcranonedetails
Hurricane Vs Sloop: Hurricane Winsmcranonedetails
Gunnery Drills Aboard The Dark Lightningshipnonedetails
Class 2A Lady’s Revengeshipnonedetails
Bloody Bill Takes The Heart Of Eslandiamcranonedetails
House Of The Scientistecosmalldetails
Outran A Pirate ....mcranonedetails
Freemarket, Nova Terelliecomediumdetails
Meeting The Doctor And His Companionsecosmalldetails
A Gift From Corringtonecosmalldetails
A Shipyard And A Paymentecomediumdetails
El Toro Bravoshipnonedetails
It Flyeth, It Flyeth!freebuildnonedetails
Small Villaecosmalldetails
Chapel De San Terreliecosmalldetails
Margot, The First Class 5+ Ship Of BOBSshipnonedetails
Horse Ranch Of Elysabethtownecolargedetails
A Secret Meeting At Prince Of Stedorshipnonedetails
A Gift From MAESTRO In Breshaunchallengenonedetails
A Gift From MAESTRO In Breshaunecomediumdetails
If You Want Peace...ecosmalldetails
In The Name Of The New Mayor Of Pontellifreebuildnonedetails
Eslandolan Ship Builders... Humph!freebuildnonedetails
Off To Pontelli!shipnonedetails
Detective\'s Officeecosmalldetails
The Nova Terreli River Portecolargedetails
Lifting Spirits At Tragian\'s Stage Eslandola Nova Terreli Triurifreebuildnonedetails
Red Top Rum Distilleryecosmalldetails
The False Artistecosmalldetails
Strada Iniesta, Small Residenceecosmalldetails
Strada Iniesta, Taberna Caldoecomediumdetails
Strada Iniesta, Merchant\'s Residenceecosmalldetails
The Fall Of Alejandro De La Callefreebuildnonedetails
A Simple Fishing Raftfreebuildnonedetails
The School Stage - Salida Esteecosmalldetails
Expanding the Defensesfreebuildsmalldetails
A Schoolhouse For Salida Esteecosmalldetails
Salida Este Ship Registryecosmalldetails
The Golden Crescentshipnonedetails