Settlement Name: Bastion
Size: Hamlet
Ownership: Sea Rats
Location: The Nest of Thieves
Mayor: none, yet ()
Trade Value: 108
Who can own property: unknown
Who can freebuild: anyone
Settlement-Thread: to Eurobricks

6 small / medium properties (+ 30 DBs)
1 large properties (+ 10 DBs)
0 ship license freebuilds (+ 0 DBs)
2 MCRA result MOCs (+ 10 DBs)
8 other unlicensed freebuilds (+ 40 DBs)
Monthly income: 90 DBs

Licensed Properties towards town size (large/royal 2x)
1x Artisan
1x Residence
2x Commerce
3x Factory
0x Art and Culture
0x Education

Description ⇳Type ⇳Class ⇳Size ⇳Builder ⇳
Weed Plantationproperty (licensed)Plantationsmalldr_spockdetails
The Shanty By The Seaproperty (licensed)ResidencesmallVedauwoodetails
The Father And The Son....freebuild--Vedauwoodetails
The Dainty Sload Bar And Grillproperty (licensed)ArtisanmediumVedauwoodetails
The Bastion Otchetproperty (licensed)FactorysmallVedauwoodetails
Revenge On Mardierfreebuild--MiloNelsianodetails
Nothing To See Herefreebuild--cb4details
Moonraker Sail Company, Bastionfreebuild--Vedauwoodetails
It\'s Kind Of A Likely Storymcra--Kolonialbeamterdetails
House Of Pleasure In Bastionproperty (licensed)Commerce buildingsmallBartdetails
Far Horizons Salvage And Shipworksproperty (licensed)FactorylargeVedauwoodetails
Drave's Emporium of Curiositiesproperty (licensed)Commerce buildingsmallkaijudetails
Bloody Bill Takes The Heart Of Eslandiamcra--Capt Wolfdetails
Bastionfreebuild--Captain Green Hairdetails
Arrival At Bastionfreebuild--pombedetails
A Powerful Friend....freebuild--Vedauwoodetails
A New Arrival In Bastionchar--Vedauwoodetails
A Beacon In The Night.....freebuild--Vedauwoodetails