Settlement Name: Moray's Den
Size: Hamlet
Ownership: Sea Rats
Location: Isla del Diablo
Mayor: Captain Benjamin Morgan (Jacob Nion)
Trade Value: 50
Who can own property: Sea Rats only
Who can freebuild: Sea Rats only
Settlement-Thread: to Eurobricks

2 small / medium properties (+ 10 DBs)
0 large properties (+ 0 DBs)
0 ship license freebuilds (+ 0 DBs)
0 MCRA result MOCs (+ 0 DBs)
0 other unlicensed freebuilds (+ 0 DBs)
Monthly income: 10 DBs

Licensed Properties towards town size (large/royal 2x)
0x Artisan
0x Residence
0x Commerce
0x Factory
0x Art and Culture
0x Education

Description ⇳Type ⇳Class ⇳Size ⇳Builder ⇳
The First Settlers Of Moray\'s Denproperty (licensed)PlantationsmallJacob Niondetails
The Devil\'s Fruitsproperty (licensed)PlantationsmallJacob Niondetails