Settlement Name: Quinnsville
Size: Hamlet
Ownership: Corrington
Location: Cocovia
Mayor: Sir Thomas Smaugton (Tomsche)
Trade Value: 77
Who can own property: anyone
Who can freebuild: anyone
Settlement-Thread: to Eurobricks

6 small / medium properties (+ 30 DBs)
0 large properties (+ 0 DBs)
0 ship license freebuilds (+ 0 DBs)
0 MCRA result MOCs (+ 0 DBs)
6 other unlicensed freebuilds (+ 30 DBs)
Monthly income: 60 DBs

Licensed Properties towards town size (large/royal 2x)
0x Artisan
1x Residence
2x Commerce
1x Factory
1x Art and Culture
0x Education

Description ⇳Type ⇳Class ⇳Size ⇳Builder ⇳
The House Of Knowledgeproperty (licensed)ResidencesmallTomschedetails
The Founding Of Quinnsvillefreebuild--Tomschedetails
Bringing In The Richesfreebuild--Tomschedetails
The Secret Treasure Of Cocoviafreebuild--Tomschedetails
Visiting A Friendfreebuild--Faladrindetails
Welcome To Quinnsville: The Tour!freebuild--Tomschedetails
Transferring Commandproperty (licensed)FortificationsmallTomschedetails
Clam And Cup Coffee Burneryproperty (licensed)FactorysmallTomschedetails
Sailors Beachproperty (licensed)Commerce buildingmediumTomschedetails
Setting Out To Elysabethtownfreebuild--Tomschedetails
The Quinnsville Commerce Houseproperty (licensed)Commerce buildingsmallTomschedetails
Quinnsville Village Squareproperty (licensed)Art and CulturesmallTomschedetails